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Family Portraits

This weekend I shot a range of family portraits on a sunny day in Derbyshire. For the shots I used a 50mm lens and a combination of one and two light setups. The shoot went really well and below are a few examples of the best shots. Enjoy!

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Lenses and Perspective

Today I had to take three shots of the same subject using standard, wide-angle and telephoto lenses. The aim was to keep the subject the correct size over the three shots and review the different perspective that the lens gave me. Here are my results.

Standard Lens f5.6 at 55mm

Wide angle lens f5.6 at 18mm

Telephoto lens f5.6 at 135mm

After taking these three shots I decided to take a shot using my favourite setting. I decided to take this shot using a standard lens with an f setting of 5.6.

Nice boots! Standard lens f5.6 at 55mm

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