Today I woke up with a really bad headache so decided the best way to remedy it would be to take some self portraits……..I was shocked at what I saw when I uploaded the images!! Haha just a bit of fun really using a simple light setup, hope you enjoy though! (remember to click each image for a full size better quality image)

Zombie 1

Zombie 2

Zombie 3

Zombie 4

Zombie 5

Zombie 6

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Pet Portraits!

A quick couple of test shots of my pets using my new lighting. Enjoy!



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Mug Shots!

Here are a few more images I have dug up from my folders that haven’t been shown on the blog yet! (click images to enlarge) Hope you enjoy the mug shots!




Three Stooges

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Old stuff!

After sorting out the long list of old files on my hard drive I came across a few images that I had worked on earlier this year. I have added the before shots to show the changes in post production. I hope to get some new stuff on the blog soon as I have a few shoots lined up over the coming weeks so keep an eye out! for now though enjoy the pics below (click for larger image).


Post Processed


Post Processed 1

Post Processed 2


Post Processed

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Monkey Man!

I had a few spare minutes before packing up in the studio last week so I decided to do a funny pose for a self-portrait. I used a lighting setup that I knew I could apply the post processing skills I have been working on to create my own unique look to some of my portraits. Here is the final shot hope you enjoy!

Monkey Man!

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Irregular Choice final 8!

Today I finally finished editing my images for my latest project. The project was based on the brand of shoe Irregular Choice and I used the brand name to create different advertising shots. Please see my final 8 images below. Enjoy and leave me comments if you like, thanks!

Tee off!

Book up your ideas!

Double Barrel!

Reflect yourself!


Reflect yourself 2!

Wingmen 2!

Hot off the press!

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Comp Cards

Today I managed to finish a final draft of my Comp Card design. This is an A5 sized promotional card explaining my services. I think I may tweak it a little bit over the coming months and ultimately as my photography improves I will need to update the images used on the card. Enjoy!



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