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Benvenuti a Venezia!!!

Whilst on a short trip away in Italy I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to capture some of the amazing architecture and atmosphere in Venice. Anymore time taking pictures whilst away would have ended in divorce so here are a few samples…..hope you enjoy!!



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Irregular Choice final 8!

Today I finally finished editing my images for my latest project. The project was based on the brand of shoe Irregular Choice and I used the brand name to create different advertising shots. Please see my final 8 images below. Enjoy and leave me comments if you like, thanks!

Tee off!

Book up your ideas!

Double Barrel!

Reflect yourself!


Reflect yourself 2!

Wingmen 2!

Hot off the press!

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Comp Cards

Today I managed to finish a final draft of my Comp Card design. This is an A5 sized promotional card explaining my services. I think I may tweak it a little bit over the coming months and ultimately as my photography improves I will need to update the images used on the card. Enjoy!



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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!