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RB67 film portraits

I was in the studio today using the Mamiya RB67 medium format film camera. I’m a digital boy at heart but have to admit I was impressed by this hefty chunk of metal, the images it produced were fairly sharp and I think with a digital back you could get some pretty impressive results with this camera. For the portraits I used a two light setup with Beauty dish to the front above the subject and a snooted light to the rear a stop down to create the spotlight. Here are a couple of my favourite images below.  Remember to click for a bigger image Enjoy!

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Some more new stuff!!

Today I have managed to find a spare 30 minutes from somewhere!!! Feels like I never have much time lately anyway, I thought I would share a few of my latest portrait shots. Have a look and let me know what you think. Most of the sports portraits were shot on a 10-22mm wide-angle lens using various light setups. The other portraits were shot on a combinations of 50-85mm lenses mainly using a clamshell light setup. Just for fun I also included a dog portrait I shot. Have a great weekend enjoy!!

Sports portrait...Triathlete 5

Sports portrait...Triathlete 4

Sports portrait...Triathlete 3

Sports portrait...Triathlete 2

Sports portrait...Triathlete 1

Studio portrait...clamshell setup

Eye makeup shoot - clamshell setup

Eye makeup shoot - clamshell setup 2

Eye makeup shoot - clamshell setup 3

Dog portrait - with human eye - clamshell lighting

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Quick Portrait

Today I was asked to take a quick portrait of one of the lecturer’s in my building. The image below is of Manya in the Print Room. It was shot using one flash head and on a wide-angle lens. Enjoy!

Manya in the Print Room

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New Portraits

I have finally got around to adding some of the latest portraits I have been working on. I have used gritty light set ups on most of the shots. The string football image is a conceptualised image brief for what to do in you spare time on your lunch break. I hope you enjoy the shots and any comments are welcome.


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Family Portraits

This weekend I shot a range of family portraits on a sunny day in Derbyshire. For the shots I used a 50mm lens and a combination of one and two light setups. The shoot went really well and below are a few examples of the best shots. Enjoy!

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Mug Shots!

Here are a few more images I have dug up from my folders that haven’t been shown on the blog yet! (click images to enlarge) Hope you enjoy the mug shots!




Three Stooges

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Focus on Models

Today I went to the Focus on Imaging event at the NEC arena in Birmingham. It was a very busy event with lost of different products to try. Whilst at the event I had the opportunity to take some models shots under different lighting setups. Enjoy!


Model 1



Model 2



Model 3



Model 4



Model 5



Model 6



Model 7



Model 8



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