Warning flashing lights!

Happy New Year all! In today’s lecture I learnt more about the canon 430 Speedlight I have been using. I learnt how to use the flashgun on manual and how to correctly meter my images using the flash to subject distance calculation. I have uploaded some of the shots taken today. The first two are taken on full power with no filters and all metered using the above technique. The second two shots were taken using a white card attachment to the flashgun which acted as a reflector taking some of the power out of the flash creating a softer feel. The third range of images were taken using colours in the walls around me and using coloured filters to bounce the light from the flashgun. Finally I have included my favourite shots from the day which have been re touched in Photoshop. Enjoy!

Full power

JD f9 full power

Dan f9 full power

White card reflector


Dan f9 white card reflector


Dan f11 white card reflector

Bounced Light


JD f11 bounced flash orange


JD f11 bounced flash


Dan f9 bounced flash


Dan f13 red filter


JD f22 green filter

Trainer f8 bounced light

Favourites Edited

Dan f9 full power edit

JD f13 bounced flash edit

Nat f9 full power edit

Chloe & Luke f9 full power edit


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