Saltaire in HDR

On the way back from a photoshoot on Tuesday I noticed that the sky was very dramatic. I decided to go up to a high viewpoint and shoot a HDR image of Saltaire. I had no tripod, it was minus 1 outside and my hands were frozen solid. I balanced my DSLR on a fence post and took the following shot. Enjoy!

Saltaire in HDR

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4 thoughts on “Saltaire in HDR

  1. nice shot man!! really brings out the moodiness of the sky 🙂

  2. Good one. I’m not a huge fan of HDR generally but this brings out the detail of the scene, whilst not looking too overcooked. The sky is fantastic. Just found your blog through Google Alerts. I do a blog too: – but I’m not as skilled a technician as you look to be!

    • alexinns says:

      Hi Jenny thanks for the feedback! The sky was my inspiration to stop and take the shot and it appears that people like it which is fab! Please keep checking my blog as I will be taking more shots from around the area coming up to Christmas.

  3. Scott says:

    This works well…another reason to always keep a small camping pillow or beanbag in the backseat of the car.

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