Potatoes are tasteless

A couple of weeks ago I was set a mini brief. I had to shoot a range of five images based around a keyword from a magazine. The keyword I ended up with was “Tasteless”. I looked for inspiration and decided to take the literal meaning of the word taking food that I find tasteless. In this case it was potatoes. I looked at the metaphorical meaning of the word which was to represent something “shocking”, “Vulgar”, or in “Bad taste” so I decided to create a scene of domestic violence. In this scene I have Mrs Potato Head walking in on Mr Potato Head committing the ultimate sin…….eating a potato! The images spiral into a struggle and fight scene ending with Mrs Potato Head in a very “Tasteless” situation. In the background of most of the shots I have included other items that some people think have a horrible taste. Enjoy!

Ultimate sin!


The couple struggle!

Ouch! Nasty potato!

The long drop!

Tasteless potato!

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One thought on “Potatoes are tasteless

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