Under the Lights!!

Today I was shown how to use the studio. This is something I have never done before so it felt like Christmas came early for me today. I really enjoyed looking at the different set-ups and lighting effects used in the studio. I have included some images from today shot over the various set ups. I edited a some of the shots in Photoshop by just changing them to Black & White and changing the presets to add more contrast. Big thanks to Dan, Jamie and Mark for being very willing models. Enjoy!

First set of shots using two soft boxes at either side of model at 45 degrees.


Mr pig

The next two image was taken with one of the soft boxes set at medium power.

Mr muscle

My next range of images were taken under the beauty light which created shadows under the models chin and eyes.

Psycho Dan

Nice pose

The next image of Mark was taken under the beauty light but with a reflective sheet held above his head to create deeper shadows.

Mark under the reflector

In the next series of shots were taken under a single soft box at a 45 degree angle to add a soft shadow effect to the portraits.

Time out

Young love

Dan's head makes a nice pillow!

In the last set of shots I used the bulb light with honeycomb filter on a black background. I was really Impressed with the way the portraits came out.

Jamie in the dark

Mr balloon man!

Balloon face

I really enjoyed the studio work today and will be experimenting further with different lighting and subjects so come back later to check them out. For now these were my favourite shots from the day using all four lighting set-ups. Enjoy!


Give us a kiss!

Pleasure or pain....you decide!

Out of the Darkness

Balloon bulb and Jamie

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