More HDR

Today I went out and experimented with more HDR shots. I played around with different angles and perspectives and am really happy with the results. Enjoy.

Kirkstall Abbey Original

Kirkstall Abbey HDR 1

Kirkstall Abbey HDR2

Vtec HDR 3

Vtec wheel HDR

Kirkstall Park Original

Kirstall Park HDR

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6 thoughts on “More HDR

  1. Simon Meston says:

    Great looking car! 🙂 Fantastic Photography!

  2. Scott says:

    The car shots are the best but I’d clone out the litter in the curb shot and a touch of the line in the same shot. I wasn’t sure about the white line in the other shot but after going back and forth, now think it works to the pics advantage….good angles on both shots

    • alexinns says:

      Thanks so much for your comments. If you dont mind asking how did you manage to find my site?

      • Scott says:

        You actually found mine first( and I was returning the favor. I just used another email address out of habit…hope you had a great holiday.

      • alexinns says:

        Oh hi Scott Happy New Year,

        Thanks so much for commenting on my images. I will be able to include this in my Uni work.

        Hope all is well,

        Thanks again,


  3. Scott says:

    I’ve got you bookmarked so I’ll keep popping back occasionally.

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