Judy Woods & HDR

Today I went to Judy woods to learn how to shoot using traditional film cameras. I decided to take my DSLR along with me so that I could put some of my images on this blog. I found the woods completely enchanting although very wet and cold and wanted to test my skills using slow shutter speeds, use of colours and shooting for HDR. I will definitely be doing some more work within different woods now as I loved the vivid colours and exploring different area’s to produce some great images (I felt like a five year old again). Here are my favourite shots of the day. The first five of my examples are taken and edited using HDR. The rest of the shots are all original and have not been edited. Enjoy.

Woods in HDR

Waterfall in HDR

The underbelly of the woods in HDR

Waterfall HDR


The woods in HDR

Very enchanting

waterfall above

Taken at water level

Water on a wall

Tunnel vision

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2 thoughts on “Judy Woods & HDR

  1. Scott says:

    I like the HDR effect here that is making it closer to the real scene and not overcooked. Also, in the waterfall shot, could’ve cheated and placed some prime leaves to sit on the front face of the rock in the lower right… nobody would’ve known, but still my favorite out of the bunch.

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