Messing with colour balancing

In today’s lecture I learnt about the different in camera settings on my Cannon 450D. I did some portrait shots in Henry Mitchell Hall which is a fabulous grand hall within the campus. It was quite tricky shooting in there as the hall had big grand windows and it was a very bright sunny day so the light was very difficult to use. There are some more shots of the hall in my levels and curves blog. I  also took a range of images looking at the different white balancing settings and the custom white balance settings and how these effected our shots. In many of the shots below you can see the different colour casts the camera applies to the shot .






Custom White Balance with Grey Card

Custom White Balance with White Card

Auto White Balance

Mark Custom White Balance

Mark Auto White Balance

Jamie Custom White Balance

Jamie Auto White Balance


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2 thoughts on “Messing with colour balancing

  1. jasmine says:

    I Look through all of your blog posts and projects they are all awesome! I’m a graphic design student which much interest in photography though, but I think what u do is awesome:) keep it up

    • alexinns says:

      Hey Jasmine,

      Thanks very much for your comment!! It would be great if you subscribe to my blog and then you will be able to see all the latest posts as a nd when I post them! I also have a website coming out soon so I will let you know when it’s up and running! anyway thanks for your comments!

      All the best


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