On Tuesday I learnt two of the different methods used to properly expose a shot. The first method used was the grey card technique. For this method I took a reading in a corridor on campus and took the following shot.

Campus wall art exposed using grey card method.

Once I had correctly exposed this shot using the grey card technique I was then asked to find other colours within the corridor that gave the same light readings as the grey card. Below are two of the shots I took that gave the exact same readout as the grey card


Pink wall with same exposure readings as the grey card.

Multi coloured wall with the same exposure readings as grey card

The next method used was the subject-brightness readings or SBR. With this technique I had to correctly expose a shot of one of the buildings on the university campus by taking the ”Highlight Reading” and the ”Shadow Reading” and deciding what the ”Mid point” reading would be. This was my favourite shot. My aim was to bring out more detail in the buildings and less in the sky as it was a pretty dull day.


Uni Building - camera settings f13 at 1/60th


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